Vortex Flow Insert

The IPEX Vortex Flow Insert (VFI) is a revolutionary technology for eliminating odorous emissions and minimizing corrosion in vertical sewer drops. With no moving parts and requiring virtually no maintenance, VFIs have delivered significant cost savings in installations across North America.


The VFI’s patented spiral flow design eliminates odorous and corrosive gases in a unique way. It uses the wastewater’s own flow energy to suppress the turbulence which releases noxious gases. The spiral flow creates a downdraft which traps airborne gases and forces air into the sewage flow to oxidize odorous gases. By installing a Vortex drop structure, municipalities can save thousands of dollars in monthly chemical feed, air-phase treatment and maintenance costs.



Manholes, Chambers and Forcemains

Pumping Station Wet Wells

Steep Grade Sewers

Turbine discharges