IPEX Fusible

Fusible Brute and Fusible Series PVC Pipes

CIOD & IPS: 100mm – 900mm (4″-36″)

IPEX has introduced new Fusible Brute and Fusible Series PVC pipes. By combining the mechanical properties of PVC with an innovative, patented butt fusion process, IPEX provides the only available method of installing a continuous, monolithic, fully restrained PVC pipe system. Capable of being used in a variety of trenchless or conventional direct bury applications, Fusible PVCTM pipe systems have been installed at numerous sites throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico for both pressure and non-pressure installations in the water and sewer industries.

With PVC’s proven long service life, Fusible Brute (CIOD) and Fusible Series (IPS) pipes are available in sizes ranging from 100mm (4″) to 900mm (36″) with larger sizes in development. The proprietary PVC formulation, fusion process as well as our licensing and training program allow for the consistent, reliable fusion of Fusible Brute and Fusible Series pipes to create piping systems of unparalleled strength.


  • PVC is the most widely installed material in water systems today.
    Greater pull force rating than HDPE and greater pull force rating than other PVC systems.
  • Lower installation costs versus HDPE due to lighter weight and reduced OD dimensions.
  • Creates gasket-free joints.
  • Has excellent abrasion and scratch-resistant properties.
  • Continuous pull-in lengths of over 1500 meters have been achieved.
  • Higher flow rates.
  • Connect directly to existing PVC Systems for material consistency.
  • Uses standard CIOD or IPS fittings.
  • Creates monolithic, fully-restrained pipe systems.